For all your Built In Cupboards, Kitchen Revamping, Bathroom Vanity & Recycled Furniture




        While you are renovating your kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom, please ensure that the following are completed before the commencement of the installation:

       All plumbing and electirical work needs to be complete before the installation ( even if you are only replacing tabletops)

           We unfortunately cannot undertake to do plumbing or electical work as our Carpentry installers are NOT qualified for the connection or disconnections of stoves, sinks etc.

   However we do have qualified Plumbers, Electricians on hand should they be needed  (this will be billed for seperately)

Please advise us if you need us to remove existing cupboards etc. We unfortunately cannot remove tiles.


 If your cabinets are installed in a newly built home, we have a few additional requirements to ensure that the installation can be proceessed as smooth and efficient as possible.

Screeding of the floor should be done.

 If applicable, tilting should be finished 

 Ceilings should be installed

 All Rhinoliting should be completed

Windows (with glass) should be installed

  Doors should be installed 

  Plumbing & electical points should be in working order

NOTE: Not all standard bedroom or Kitchen cupboards have backings

    Please ensure that the walls behind these built-in cupboards are painted before installation.

 Please notify us if there is no power available on the site, as well as of any delays that may arise.

Please ensure that the site is lockable


Like every other company, we have specific procedures and conditions with regard to payment. 

 To help you understand our requirements, the following is a brief explanation of the most important aspects around payment:

Installation cannot commence until the 60 % commencement-of-installation deposit has been paid.

You will be required to sign a new plan and contract if there is any additional work required or any changes that need to be made regarding the installation of your kitchen, bar, wall unit etc.

JMCM Carpentry will explain the design, materials and cost implications in detail. 

As this cannot be sufficiently explained via fax or e-mail it is important for this to happen in person. 

Our Consultants will inform you of our payment Terms & Conditions,

 It is important to note that we deal directly with the Client who will sign & accept responsibility for the said payment terms and conditions,

 even though it may be coming from a third party such as a building contractor. It is your responsibility to make sure that the third party

understands the terms & conditions,

The Terms & conditions cannot be diviated from.

 On acceptance of the quote, and once the deposit has been paid, a final measurement will take place at the installation site.

At this point you will be supplied with a copy of the plans & design,

NOTE: We do not supply copies of the plan or design before acceptance..


We strive to ensure a smooth, trouble-fee installation through effective project management.

Bearing the following in mind will help us achieve this:

 You are more than welcome to contact your consultant with any queries during the installation..


Please remember to make appointments whenever you wish to see any of our consultants as they may not necessarily be in the office.


Quotations are done free of charge within a 50 km radius of our works and work will commence as per our T&C's